keysWhat to Expect

I am a professional counselor who is also in ministry. I am humbled that God has equipped me in and through both over the years. With the merging of these, I can uniquely serve you by pouring into your hearts and lives with love, teaching, instruction, and personalized growth plans so you can gain vision for how to partner with God for your transformation. These retreats are active training and equipping times during which who I am as a counselor, pastor of women, leader of leaders, and mentor will be bringing all of who I am to you.

There will be times for rest, but it is important to understand these retreats involve work and personal investment. There is structure and order to these retreats to best serve you with the purpose set forth. So as you prayerfully consider which retreat best matches the season you’re in right now, I want you to know that these weekends are an investment that you are worth. Why do I say that? God’s heart desire for you is that you be near Him so His love for you will be real. You’re His daughter—He loves to love you! Your heart will be tended to, cared for, taught, trained, and counseled in a safe place to grow.

I am blessed to have my friend and co-laborer in Christ, Vickie Liebsch, joining me as retreat co-facilitator, prayer minister, and expert chef who will thoughtfully develop a menu consisting of high quality meals taking your personal preferences into consideration. Fellowship around these meals is a significant spiritual function in these retreats. Vickie has held many leadership positions over the years. She is presently a Deacon at Wonderful Mercy Church in Gilbert Arizona and very active as a leader in prayer. Because her walk with God is so beautiful, Jesus shines from her no matter where she is.

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