Speaking and Teaching

I am available to speak to your church. I can speak with your women, and/or your congregation of men and women. Once you fill out an inquiry form for ministry specifying what you are seeking, then, either by Skype or in person, we will have a discussion and pray. My desire is that the topic I teach or speak on is from the heart of Father. Also, agreement among church leadership about the subject is essential.

Request or Inquire about Ministry

Skype Consultations

$39.00 for 30 minute Skype Session

I offer 30 minute Skype sessions. Please send an inquiry for Skype consultation. I will email or text you my skype address and times available to schedule our Skype session.

This is not counseling. While I may bring counsel, this is a consultation regarding questions you have about how to deal with a given situation with a friend, a coworker, church situation, in your marriage, with family, etc.

You may be a pastor or leader in your church dealing with a situation or circumstance where you want confidential advice about how to proceed.

You need to be 18 years of age or more to Skype.

Inquiry and Payment for Skype


This is where I can help bring forth creative changes in perception leading to the simple core issue where God can begin to release His plan for resolve. In church, so many things can bring divisions and dissentions leading to splintering and breaches. It is my heart to facilitate healing and unity in the church so God’s love can be realized.

Request or Inquire about Ministry