Mind of Christ Ministries and Pastor Midge Wietzema have a dream as big as God’s heart. The first part of the dream is that every follower of Jesus should be whole in mind and spirit and soul, confident and joyful in God’s love for them. The second part of the dream is that these same saints should be equipped for fullest impact in sharing the Father’s heart for the world. What a magnificent, marvelous dream! Better still, it is a dream God is bringing to fulfillment through Midge’s insightful teaching, revelatory gifts, and skillful ministry consultations. I cannot commend Mind of Christ Ministries and Pastor Midge Wietzema too highly.

Pastor Graeme Sellers
Wonderful Mercy Church | Author of The Dangerous Kind
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Midge has been my pastor, teacher, and mentor. I have received more of the Lord through her. Whether during a Sunday sermon, leading a retreat, small group, class, or in a one to one discipleship setting, Midge brings Father and His love. She brings this love for the group and or person she is leading and sharing life lessons with. Midge is humble with forthrightness that often times has life-altering impact. She speaks Father’s life words over you. She has deep conviction that transformation occurs most where there is the giving and receiving of love. I never feel judged by Midge when challenged by her. Only loved. My life has been changed forever because God’s love transformed me through Midge’s ministry. Thank you Midge

Sandy Anderson
Graduate of School of Ministry

Midge Wietzema is a pastor in the Alliance of Renewal Churches (ARC) who brings a wealth of wisdom and experience in helping others remove hindrances in their lives to experiencing an intimate, life-giving relationship with Jesus Christ, the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit, and the love of Father God. She is committed to helping others grow in their own emotional, relational, and spiritual wholeness, and in competencies that can increase their effectiveness in leadership and management of ministry. One of the strengths Midge brings is the ability to listen along with you for God’s agenda and goals rather than bringing a pre-determined template approach to her time of ministry with an individual or staff. We are grateful to have a leader the caliber of Midge Wietzema in the ARC.

Rev. Michael Bradley
Director, The Alliance of Renewal Churches (ARC) | Author of: “Being a Safe Place for the Dangerous Kind”
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Thank you Midge! I have known Midge Wietzema for 15 years and I can speak from personal experience how she has impacted my life and the lives of countless others in a most positive way. Midge counseled me and helped me overcome my alcoholism. In this process she also helped me realize and identify the family dynamics that helped contribute to my alcoholic behavior. These insights have been invaluable to me in dealing with family issues. These insightful revelations have helped me become more confident and better equipped emotionally. Midge has a unique ability to discern personality traits that are harmful to one’s ability to prosper emotionally and to thrive in personal relationships. Her honesty and truthfulness are done with kindness and genuine concern. Her humility and transparency give you total confidence that she has your best interest at heart. The God given talents and gifting’s that Midge has been blessed with have helped thousands of people live more meaningful, productive and rewarding lives. I know this because of the positive influence she has generated in my own life and the lives of so many others that I have witnessed personally.

Greg Liebsch

I have known Midge for over 10 years. The very first time I was involved with her and her husband among a small group, I was so blessed by her transparency. Because of how Midge chases hard after the Father, she has always inspired me to do the same and not stop until I get all he has for my life. She is a beautiful woman after God’s heart and she seeks him with passion in Prayer, Worship and Ministry. (Always prayer and worship prior to ministry!) Midge listens to Father’s heart and waits on his instruction to move out. When a season is to end, she ends it…then back to listening and waiting on Father…she wants to move as his heart directs. Midge has an incredible ability of calling out of others the gifts the Lord has placed deep within his precious children. She is also a seeker of the truth and takes the Word of God as the plumb line for her life and her ministry. She speaks the truth in love in a beautiful way even when it is hard to do so. She is a person who isn’t afraid to admit she is wrong or discuss where she may have fallen short. I am blessed to call her friend and blessed to co-labor with her in Christ.

Vickie Liebsch