midgeJesus revealed His love for me in 1978. I said yes to His love. Like many who throughout their lives have walked out many areas of brokenness, one area for me was fear surrounding closeness with the Father. I am grateful Father revealed Himself to me in a personal and intimate way as recently as three years ago. To think that the Father of Jesus is my true Father, and that He adopted me, is remarkable. The place inside of me that for so long felt orphaned is now chosen and claimed.

I have been a professional counselor for 35 years. I have worked in the areas of Addictions, Women’s Issues, Marriage Counseling, Mental Illness, Trauma Recovery, and Generalized Life Adjustment. In the past 16 years Christian counseling with Mind of Christ Ministries has been my primary focus.

I taught with and co-labored with an amazing woman of God who led a ministry in the greater Phoenix area for 30+ years called “Kings Daughters Ministries.” I was honored and blessed to have been asked to join her in her ministry between 1998 and 2004.

I served on staff at Wonderful Mercy Church in Gilbert, Arizona for four years as Pastor of Prayer and Discipleship from 2009 to 2013. I continue to be recognized pastorally at Wonderful Mercy Church, occasionally teaching on Sunday mornings, bringing oversight and leadership to the women, and offering training to members of the congregation.

I have been asked by pastors and church leaders to come in as a consultant to bring objectivity, perspective, and counsel to a variety of situations and circumstances.

I have also been a teacher for the School of Ministry through The Masters Institute based out of Minneapolis, MN.

I have led workshops for the Alliance of Renewal Churches’ national gatherings. I am a pastor within the Alliance of Renewal Churches, a church and leadership network led by pastor and author Mike Bradley. I am available as a resource for the ARC to teach and for consultation where my gift set may be helpful.
My heart continues to be used by God to lead people out of restricted ways of viewing God that keep them from knowing Him more, and therefore loving Him more. I know that when this change happens, worship is birthed, heart are filled with love, and transformation begins.